DMHC Family Medicine

Family Medicine & Walk in Clinic

At the new DMHC, our number one priority will be to provide quality and convenient access to leading family medicine and healthcare for all of our patients. The new DMHC will accept new patients to our family practice and welcome all patients to our walk in clinic too. For those seeking gender sensitive health care, we also expect to have female family physicians in our DMHC Network.

Our family medicine practice and walk in clinic will be open 6 days a week with extended hours of operation on many days to serve the working patient. We will offer same day appointments for urgent consultations.

The new DMHC will be conveniently and centrally located to house Windsor and Essex County’s leading family medicine practice. Our family medicine physicians will have a combined 80 years experience serving residents in the greater Windsor Essex region.

The new DMHC will be fully committed to the providing the best primary care for all of our patient’s basic, everyday health needs. After all, our family medicine practice will generally be the patient’s first point of contact within our advanced DMHC network of leading physicians. This includes the initial care, treatment and follow-up of various health conditions, as well as referrals to leading health care providers within the DMHC network.

Access to the most skilled physicians

Within our newly created DMHC network, our patients will have access to a group of highly skilled physicians and interdisciplinary professionals working together with our family practice physicians. As a patient of the DMHC network, you will have access to a wide variety of in-house specialty physicians who, led by your family doctor, will help deliver unparalleled quality and accessible health care for all of your medical needs. We will make sure you have the best team of professionals that will serve you with care and compassion, while empowering you to make your own educated choices about managing your health.

Professional Staff

Our dedicated DMHC staff will include Medical Office Assistants, a Registered Nursing staff, specialized Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, Nutritionists, Social Workers, and other Administrative Assistants. They will all work together in a collaborative manner to support complex health care planning for patients with conditions such as Heart Failure, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD), Diabetes, etc.

Our team first approach within the new DMHC Network will ensure that our patients have quality and convenient access to leading health care providers. There are many benefits for a patient whose physician is a member of a DMHC Network. Our mission will be to facilitate access to primary care 24/7, integrated health services including linkages to onsite and local specialty services, including support for people with complex or advanced medical conditions. As a patient of the new DMHC, you will also have access to interdisciplinary team members with our Network to facilitate comprehensive health care needs that includes:

health management nurses

Health Management Nurses

Our Health Management Nurses are specialty-trained health professional that will see patients that predominantly have Diabetes, lipid problems and patients requiring support to make lifestyle changes. The health management nurse will also work with patients to develop care plans and goal setting.
behavioural health

Behavioral Health Consultant

Conducts one on one or group sessions to address sleep problems, stress management, relationship issues, depression and anxiety.


Diabetes Educators

Our DMHC Educators will work together with patients with diabetes who are insulin-dependent, to manage insulin adjustment, and medication monitoring.


Cognitive Assessment Nurses

Our DMHC specialty Nurses will provide cognitive assessments, including screening for dementia and depression.

pharmacist support

Pharmacist Support

Our DMHC Pharmacists will meet with you to review hypertension management, medication lists, home blood pressure monitoring, and will answer medication questions.

dietitian support

Dietitian Support

Our DMHC Dietitian’s will meet with patients for individual dietary counselling, including diabetes and provides dietary resources for patients. The Dietitian also provides group classes for a variety of dietary questions.


Respiratory Educators

Our DMHC Educators will work with asthmatic patients for on-going management and care plan development. There is also a focus on smoking cessation and investigation and management of chronic cough in conjunction with respiratory specialists.

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