Our Mission

Coming to Windsor in 2017, the new DMHC will be a state-of-the-art medical centre that will serve as a pillar of strength for our community. With a patient-driven approach, we will deliver the highest quality and accessible health care that will exceed expectations.

The mission of the new DHMC is to always promote the health and well being of the local population by providing accessible, high-quality medical health care, and health education and wellness services for people of all ages.

The new DMHC is driven to provide traditional and innovative patient services within a dynamic, integrated, and collaborative healthcare delivery network comprised of the area’s of leading healthcare professionals.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the new DMHC include, but are not limited to, as follows:

  • To create a state of the art medical centre to serve the surrounding community and offer quality and accessible health care that will exceed patients’ expectations;

  • To provide the highest quality health care in a respectful and compassionate manner that will serve the community’s needs;

  • To utilize technology to promote efficiency and to ensure the doctor-patient relationship is advanced through the use of all technological avenues that will improve patient care, health care delivery, and medical health and records management.

  • The new DMHC will attract leading health care professionals who serve their patients with respect and compassion.

  • Health care professionals at the DMHC will work together as a team, in a collaborative manner, to serve and support each and every patient we treat within our integrated health care network.

Keys to Success

  • Focus on patient care and health care delivery;

  • Educate the community and our patients on the importance of preventative health education and care philosophies;

  • Educate patients as to the importance of yearly examinations, screenings, and health check-ups;

  • Implement an aggressive and accurate recall system in which to remind patients to have regular check ups

  • Utilizing technology and creating a streamlined and efficient office management system to minimize patients’ waiting time;

  • Use the latest in electronic billing and electronic records management;

3041 Dougall Ave., Suite 206
Windsor, ON N9E 1S3