DMHC Pharmacy and Wellness Centre

Pharmacy and Wellness Centre

The DMHC Pharmacy and Wellness Center will be focused on our forward looking philosophy that the traditional role of our Pharmacist has been drastically expanded. “The Pharmacist” now plays a vital role in advancing the healthcare of patients. Our DMHC Pharmacists’ will be agent’s of change, as we are committed to offer more diverse patient services and further to collaborate with other healthcare providers and community organizations to create multi-disciplinary health networks that provide comprehensive and integrated healthcare delivery for patients.

State of the Art Medication Dispensary

The DMHC Pharmacy and Wellness Center will also feature a specialty, state-of-the-art medication dispensary. We will stand out as a modern patient-centered pharmacy offering a wide range of services and amenities, including an anti-coagulation program, custom drug compounding, secure and orderly compliance packaging, complimentary Meds Check medication reviews, and specially tailored men’s and women’s health education and diseases prevention programs.

Our friendly and professional staff will pride themselves on their onthe- spot diabetes assistance services, which include comprehensive medication assessments, A1C diabetes blood tests, thorough day-today monitoring, and scrupulous tri-monthly checkups. Our DMHC will distinguish itself as a community leader in Diabetes treatment and management, while also building unique partnerships with the community to advance leading health education programs designed specifically to target those at risk of the disease in order to help prevent its onset.

Our DMHC Pharmacists’ will also work closely with the Centre’s physician and health care professional network, including the new travel medicine and vaccination clinic and a specialist nurse working out of a partner clinic in order to facilitate a DMHC Hepatitis C program.

3041 Dougall Ave., Suite 206
Windsor, ON N9E 1S3